We need some Heroes

“Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?”
~ Bonnie Tyler

In the midst of one of THE most unethical, immoral and corrupt administrations in the history of the United States of America, we desperately need some heroes.

Edward SnowdenAt this moment in time, think about what we know about the current level of the intelligence agencies of our country and what they are capable of. We know they can read our emails, view our texts, listen in to phone callas and even have the devices in our very own homes spy on us.

It’s damn scary to say the least.

But we didn’t know just how invasive it was until Edward Snowden exposed what the government was doing. Oh, we had some ideas, but rumor and innuendo were are best resources. Snowden put facts and faces to what was going on. And he likely made us aware of only a portion of what is still going on.

Sarah Huckabee SandersAnd so now we are embroiled in a presidential administration where lying is the norm. The president changes his stories more often than most of us do our socks and his administrative staff openly admitted in the recent Mueller Report that lying is a regular and expected practice.

From the Mueller Report on Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Sanders told this Office that her reference to hearing from “countless members of the FBI” was a “slip of the tongue.” She also recalled that her statement in a separate press interview that rank-and-file FBI agents had lost confidence in Comey was a comment she made ”in the heat of the moment” that was not founded on anything.

And that’s just one of many entries.

With so much lying and open deception by the Trump Administration, we need some heroes.

We need some folks in key positions to become the Edward Snowdens of this administration.

We need people with direct access to the full, unredacted Mueller Report to release it to the media or Internet.

We need someone in the Internal Revenue Service to drop 10 or 20 years of Donald Trump’s taxes. You know, the ones that the president says are to co0mplex for even the people that are supposedly auditing him to understand? Yeah, those taxes.

And we need people who have access to Trump’s past to step forward and not remain the shadow of a boisterous bully who’s bark is far worse than his bite. A good example would be someone at Wharton, Fordham and the New York Military Academy to hand over Trump’s academic records and test scores. Why are these important? Because they would likely show a guy who really isn’t as smart as he claims to be.

Do not be deceived, there would be repercussions to such actions. While the latter of those three would likely be mild, releasing his taxes or the Mueller Report could result in jail time. But in light of what we would likely learn and the result of that information, it would be jail time that would most certainly be overturned by the men who would replace Trump in the White House come 2020.

We need some heroes. And we need them before the morning light.


About Tim Allen

I am a former newspaper writer/editor/page designer that still loves to write and share my experience and views. I presently own a digital marketing firm and live in a small town in Big Sky country.

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