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Hyperbole – The Weapon of Mass Dysfunction

People, before you spout off at the mouth on something, check your facts. You expect your 11-year-old to do it on their big report, so be the example and do it yourself.

We’ll use the recent ruffle caused by the Confederate Flag being taken down at the state house in South Carolina.

Picture from ABC News

Picture from ABC News

The prevailing rhetoric is that some part of our heritage and rights are being stripped away because of it’s removal – not only from the state house but from stores around the country. Folks, these are two very different things.

First, if you think we ought to be flying the Confederate flag because of it’s involvement in the Civil War, because their ancestors fought and died for the Confederacy, fine. But if we’re going there then we must include the flags of France, Germany and Great Britain on every government building as well. All of those countries had people that fought and died on American soil during the American Revolution.

And yes, like the Confederacy, Great Britain was on the losing side. Just as the Confederacy fought to maintain an economic system based on human enslavement, the English fought to stop us from leaving their control so they could continue to receive taxes without any form of representation in government.

We don’t fly those flags because we are the United States of America.

We are not part of Great Britain, France or Germany.

And we are not part of the Confederate States of America. They no longer exist after their very brief existence.

As a government, we fly OUR flag, not the flag of countries we beat. This isn’t the Olympics where the top three finishers get recognized. It’s OUR land, OUR country and we fly OUR Flag. No other country on this planet flies the flag of a regime that lost power. Don’t believe me, go ask a German about how much they’d like to see the swastika on one of their government buildings.

Prepare for a verbal slap down worse than dropping an “F-Bomb” right in front of your mother at a family gathering.

The Confederate flag and it’s associated memorabilia belongs in a museum or private collection. Hell, have one in your home or hang it in your backyard. But these items should be kept as a reminder of a time when a group attempted to divide our nation for profit and comfort. Spout all the states rights junk you want, the right they were most concerned about was being able to continue making money off the backs of their slaves.

Not much unlike corporate America today. But that’s for another post…

Now on to Point #2…

Stop spouting this nonsensical crap that your rights are being infringed upon or taken away, that your heritage is being ripped from you or that this is all some liberal plot to take down the country.

It’s a lie.

It’s a lie you tell yourself and others so you can get your way and stay in your comfort zone.

And don’t throw the blame on Walmart, TVLand or anyone else. They CHOSE to not be associated with the emblem of the Confederacy because they CHOSE not to be associated with a symbol of hate and bigotry. I’m sure profits played a much larger part, but there may have been a sliver of humanity in there somewhere.

At the end of this blog post there is a place for commentary. If you want to post in opposition to this post, this time around I am requiring you do it with FACTS. If you post some more of your pathetic rhetoric without some kind of link to law and proof that takes away your right to own and display the flag of a failed attempt to destroy this country, I will simply delete it.

I believe in free speech and open debate, but not without responsibility. Not this time.

If you want to have the Confederate flag and other such relics in your home, go for it. But be aware that while you may try and explain away what it means to you, that to the majority of Americans – and especially those of color – that the Confederacy stands for racial hate and a justification for profit based on a mentality of “I’m better than you because I’m white.”

In closing, what I find interesting about this whole debate is that I could go right back through this post and substitute all the rhetoric about gay marriage by Christians for the Confederacy and it would still all hold true. Grow up people, it’s time to get over yourselves.

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