22:54 of Praise

It took just that long for one of the Discovery Channel’s biggest stunts to actually take place.

But to those who live in opposition to Jesus Christ, it must have seemed like a lifetime.

Nik Wallenda

Nik Wallenda

As Nik Wallenda prepared to make his walk across a southwest portion of the Grand Canyon Sunday afternoon on live television, I thought it was pretty hokey. The only recollection I had was of his great-grandfather Karl Wallenda was his falling to his death doing a similar walk in the 1970s. It seemed like a useless stunt that had no real upside for anyone. He makes it – he was suppose to. He falls and you end up with a human sacrifice on live TV.

I thought the engineering explanation was fairly interesting. But the fact that they had a paramedic ready on the valley floor seemed a little ridiculous. If Wallenda actually fell the equivalent of the height of the Empire State Building he wasn’t going to need a doctor, he was going to need a team of guys from ServPro.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera

It just smacked of Geraldo Rivera breaking into Al Capone’s vaults on live TV and finding nothing but an old stop sign and a few empty gin bottles. (“The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults“, ABC, 1986). It was a great documentary for 105 minutes, but when it came time for the big payoff, it was a total let down.

Boy was I wrong about Wallenda.

The Discovery Channel got its full mileage out of the 90-minute show. They interviewed everyone and their brother related to the event. Wallenda’s wife, sister and safety coordinator to name a few. Even Joel Osteen was on hand to pray for the family right before he stepped onto the wire with his balancing pole and nothing else.

But no matter how hard you looked, there was no indication as to what Wallenda would do for almost all of his near-23minute walk. And Christianity got a much-needed shot in the arm from an unlikely source.

Wallenda calmly walked across the canyon, praising God for His provision and asking Christ to calm the winds and steady his nerves. He even gave thanks for the incredible view – the one he saw live and that we viewed through a camera strapped to his chest.

It was one intense worship service the moment he took his first step. And it captivated an estimated 10.7 million viewers the entire time.

In our toughest struggles, in our darkest hours, what is our first thought? Is it self-preservation? Is it for family and friends?

For Nik Wallenda it was all about God.

And Wallenda has certainly proven he is one man who can walk the talk, even on a cable over the Grand Canyon on a windy afternoon.


About Tim Allen

I am a former newspaper writer/editor/page designer that still loves to write and share my experience and views. I presently own a digital marketing firm and live in a small town in Big Sky country.

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