Taking Prisoners

So Friday night on the way home from seeing “Identity Thief” at the theater with Dee and the boys (and I didn’t think the movie was all that great) I started having some thoughts about how I wish my life had gone. It was the eve of my 49th birthday and a little introspection only seemed natural. I mean, I’m a happy guy and all but I had always envisioned myself doing something ‘bigger’ and more important. Whatever that meant I wasn’t really sure. In short, it was starting to weigh on me and really depress me.

So a few blocks down the road Dee could sense there was something wrong. And as I told her that it was really nothing, the words of our Pastor Grady Jones came to mind from a sermon a few weeks back about ‘taking a thought captive’. Now, I’ll be honest and say that on a few occasions I’ve had a downer thought and basically talked myself out of it. But this time I was able to take that part of his sermon and actually capture that thought, control it and decide what I was going to do it.

?????????????????????See, I was having one of those George Bailey kind of moments – wondering just how different would the world really be if I wasn’t around, or at least around the people I am. Like I said, as a kid I had planned on being something ‘big’: a baseball player or a coach, later it became wanting to be a major league umpire. But as I got older and got through college, I really wanted to get into sports marketing and get into the big leagues that way.

Yet, here I was basically struggling to make a small photography firm work, running a household and just not seeming to make an impact.

Queen Esther

Queen Esther

But that’s when God hit me with the realization that I was here for some purpose. His purpose.

He hasn’t let me know exactly what that purpose it quite yet, but I’m sure He will when the timing is right.

See, if I was off on a ball field somewhere, I wouldn’t have the awesome wife that I do and I wouldn’t be here to give my sons the insights that I have learned over the last 49 years. Much like Jim Beleushi’s character in “Mr. Destiny”, one small change in the course of the life that God has laid out for me would have had it turn out in a very different manner if I had chosen the path.

So in that moment in the car, with Thomas and Marvin talking about the state championship basketball game they went to and Dee and Zach discussing the movie, it hit me that like Queen Esther, I was placed here for a time such as this. Thank you for that little lesson VeggieTales!

So in those moments when Satan tries to get you thinking that you’re not where you should be, take heart and know that the Creator of the universe, the God of all creation, the Great I Am has precisely laid out your life and knows exactly where you should be, when you should be there and has given you every tool with which to do the task He has set before you.


About Tim Allen

I am a former newspaper writer/editor/page designer that still loves to write and share my experience and views. I presently own a digital marketing firm and live in a small town in Big Sky country.

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  1. Very nicely written, Tim!

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