A Toomer on the brain

A little disingenuous?

When Amani Toomer says it, he is the picture perfect analogy of the pot calling the kettle black.

Toomer, former NY Giants wide receiver now an on-air analyst for NBC and Siriius/XM Radio, called out former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner yesterday and today regarding his statements about the concussion problem in football and the concerns it raises for him and his family.

Kurt Warner

“It scares me as a dad,” Warner said Thursday on the Dan Patrick Show. “I just wonder. I wonder what the league’s going to be like. I love that the commissioner is doing a lot of things to try to clean up the game from that standpoint and improve player safety, which helps, in my mind, a lot. But it’s a scary thing for me.”

When Patrick asked Warner if he’d prefer they not play the sport, Warner said “Yes, I would.”

Toomer’s name calling of Warner is ridiculous. Warner’s statements were made out of concern for himself, his family and other players. They weren’t made for some selfish gain, they were made to help protect people who he has played with and will watch as he grows older.

Yet Toomer responded on ESPN’s Mike & Mike In the Morning with a barrage of statements that were just downright ignorant. He sited soccer and lacrosse as two ‘equally dangerous’ sports.

Now a ‘journalist’ of sorts, but really more of just a talking head, Toomer should have been able to conduct a simple search of the web to find that his statements were completely off. In my own research, that lasted all of eight minutes, I found this little tidbit that really summed up most of what I read.

“Pro football has nearly eight times more injuries than any other commercial sports including the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, and professional auto racing.” – US Department of Labor.

More than hockey? Eight times more than freakin’ HOCKEY?

The NFL hasn’t even risen to the level of absurdity yet as the NHL, where it is commonly joked that someone “… went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.”

In 2001 CBS reported that 61% of ALL former NFL players had suffered at least one concussion during their playing days.

Anyone reading this who knows Toomer should help him install a Google search bar in web browser stat!

So stats not favoring Toomer in the slightest, what is his possible motivation for barking back at Warner with eroneous ‘facts’ and red herrings?

Amani Toomer

Amani Toomer

Seems to me Toomer may be trying to deploy what I have come to call the Rodman Effect. This effect comes into play when a person like Denis Rodman, who was an extremely talented rebounder and defender in the NBA, finds a way to make those two talents and himself marketable. Rebounding and defense are the least two ‘sexy’ things in the entire sport.

Passing was right there with them until Magic Johnson came along.

But Rodman created a persona for himself, this bad boy image, that transcended the sport and got him not only a few more contracts with teams after burning several bridges, but also gave him a number of endorsement and appearance deals that he never would have otherwise gotten.

Enter Toomer.

His broadcast career has been marginal at best. He really has nothing to say of any import and adds little to any discussion when he sits on a panel.

They say in Hollywood there is no such thing as bad press. And it seems that if Toomer can’t recognized for his comments on football, that he’ll raise a little hell by cutting into a good guy like Warner. He’ll take the heat, hope it wears off and then he’ll get his 15 minutes of fame.

What Toomer fails to realize is that there are so many voices to be heard these days that the Rodman Effect would have to be so over the top that it might require you actually killing a kitten. On TV. Live. I’m not even sure that doing it on YouTube would scarcely draw all that much attention.

Toomer is just another hack that is taking hacks at a guy like Warner to make a name for himself.

He just better be careful what he wishes for, because his name is now mud in a lot of people’s books.


About Tim Allen

I am a former newspaper writer/editor/page designer that still loves to write and share my experience and views. I presently own a digital marketing firm and live in a small town in Big Sky country.

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  1. Sean Breslin

    Well said. Warner is entitled to his own opinions, even if they don’t line up with his employer’s.

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