What’s past is prologue

I got labeled as a bigot this week.

And as I look at it, I believe I was labeled incorrectly. But then again, I received my label courtesy of the crowd I run with and what we’ve chosen to believe.

I highlight that word as it will be the central focus of this entire piece. See, as Christians we have chosen to accept the free give of salvation from Christ and to live our lives for Him. We have chosen to set our standards a little higher (hopefully) than the world around us, a world that is most definitely at odds with God and His plan for the place.

But I got labeled a bigot because I pointed out a flaw in a recent post by friend who is a lesbian. She was asking people to buy Girl Scout Cookies in response to a YouTube video a girl scout put out regarding the fact that the nationwide group for girls is now allowing transgender boys into their troops. They are also allowing boys who want to be girls into these groups, prior to any gender-changing surgery.

And they are doing so in secret, not allowing parents the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want their daughters in that environment.

I pointed out the fact that these parents had a right to know who their children were dealing with. That they, like the transgender and wanting-to-be-girl boys and their parents, should have a choice. And for that, I was slapped with the label of bigot.

To quote Dr. Peter Venkman (aka Bill Murray of Ghostbusters 2), “Do you know how weird it is out there?”

It’s so weird that the people who demanded to have a choice to practice their own beliefs, to have whatever sexual preference they want or to change and mutilate their bodies into something it was never intended to be, got that choice and are now demanding that no one else get the same privilege or courtesy.

But hey, they are repeating what they think is OK, what they’ve seen and had done to them. They are only doing what Christianity did to them first.

Yeah, it was Christianity as a whole who decided to focus on forcing people to believe what we do. To tell them how wrong they were and ignorant they were of the God of the universe. To focus on what they were doing wrong and not on how much their Heavenly Father loved them.

We sent off armies during the middle ages to force whole nations to change to our faith.

We tried to make them believe what we believed, to deny them the choice that we had made ourselves to follow God.

And now, when they choose to try and deny us the choice of whether or not have our children hanging out with transgender children, gay school teachers or anyone who is not what we think are proper for our kids, we get offended and ask, “How dare they?”

We set the example and it isn’t going to change over night.

We have to start setting the example again. And again. And again.

Christianity has spent so much time and energy turning God’s message of love and deliverance into a monologue of fear and oppression that it will take a long time to change. It will take lifetimes of tolerance and love. It will take consistency beyond measure.

And when I say tolerance, I don’t mean acceptance. Trying to change your sex or taking on a gay/lesbian lifestyle is wrong in God’s eyes, period. But we must focus and remember that while God hates the sin, He loves the sinner.

It is not our job to effect whatever consequences or ramifications someone has wrought due to their neglect or ignorance of God’s law. It’s our job to inform and love, without prejudice, regarding their choices in life.

God will take care of their judgement. He doesn’t need out help with it and He certainly hasn’t asked us to take over the job. We have more important things to do.

I lost a friend yesterday because they couldn’t see that I hadn’t attacked their choice, but rather was attempting to defend the right by myself and others to make choices for ourselves. But despite the fact that I had defended her right to choose to be a lesbian on countless occasions, I can’t blame her. Because it was likely a knee-jerk reaction to what she has experienced from a number of my brethren.

And I hope that my actions – past, present or future – do not cause that same predicament for you.


About Tim Allen

I am a former newspaper writer/editor/page designer that still loves to write and share my experience and views. I presently own a digital marketing firm and live in a small town in Big Sky country.

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